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November 5, 0. My goodness Queen get some of that skin removed.

Featured November 28, 0. Married femdom tumblr. Jennifer hudson topless. By Rebecca Kelley Like flies to honey, smug pricks are attracted by the alluring pull of the Hollywood sign. Looks like a below average, dirty dude to me.

Even before she got the reduction, you could tell she wore good expensive bras. She looks like ALF https: We all need ways to release, even the bitter folks. I read the book while in HS and saw the movie with Meryl Streep.

Her brother brought the drugs but he didn't keep her on 'em. I hope it is the kind of weight loss that naturally attends advanced age and not something more serious. Franklin's lace fronts are getting better, but she's an icon and can do whatever she wants. Pachrapa chaichua nude. And you know it???? However ASAP is hanging on to his lover for dear life, he just wants to Be so bad, it's shameful how these blacks longs for acceptance and recognition from those who just wants to make a buck off of them, and could care less.

She is the original Reading Queen lol. His old ass will dick a white woman DOWN. Maybe she should try that new corset looking bra you paste on? Look, its easy to get addicted to cocaine--especially when its always available, often for free. What the fuck is he so sour about? I don't know who her stylist is, but she should consult with Patty and Gladys who always look good. He is in serious need of a wedgie, preferably of atomic proportions.

Unfortunately, the only cure for Dane Cook-itis is to introduce his douche bag fanbase to another smug prick to idolize. December 4, 0. Jennifer Hud looks good, yeap that's all I got for this post. December 11, 0. He looks both disgusted and aroused. For 75 Aretha looks good So more power to her.

Aretha has lost a lot of weight. Gay marriage will lead to people marrying goats, dolphins, and ducks,? I mean, the guy makes millions, is a fantastic actor, and has won numerous awards for his craft. Sexi sania mirza. Chris Daughtry now just?

Aretha's voice is still strong. This was when he was shredding that model, Chanel Iman. He IS the illuminati.

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His old ass will dick a white woman DOWN.

BTW, Clive is one of the most manipulative people in the entertainment business. I call his kind the "Ashy class" of rappers.

Of course, he claimed she "would have wanted" people dancing and laughing and sipping champagne while she's laying up dead in a bathtub. Cartoon network sex xnxx. Auntie Ree-Ree could even get her bras custom made. Chris Daughtry now just? People fear him in Hollywood! So more power to her. Aretha needs to consult Dr. I really LOL when I read that. September 28, 0. Poor ReRe, all of that up and down weight has taken a toll.

And I see he's down with the swirl too. Jennifer hudson topless. Kim kardashian leaked nude video. Yes, she's a True Diva but I don't know why she insists on wearing these tired dresses that look like old table cloths that somebody donated to Goodwill. Even before she got the reduction, you could tell she wore good expensive bras.

I'm sorry but Aretha look terrible. Aretha looks great, yes!!! Her brother brought the drugs but he didn't keep her on 'em. Morgan Freeman is my old man crush. Clive brought that big bouquet to cover Aretha's tits just in case she decided to show some skin. December 6, 0.

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Phil is even worse. And you know it???? Hack stand-up comedy act where you crack? Katie looks like she's ready to bust it open for old Morgan. ASAP doesn't even look like he took the time to shower or even change the previous night's clothes before the show But I'm so bothered by her choice in dresses.

Maybe she just doesn't like to be confined Aretha's wig is sliding off her head. I have aunts and uncles her age and they look great, and younger than they really are.

Looks like a below average, dirty dude to me. Mature lesbian huge tits. But I have a feeling her health is not optimum. October 15, 0. All four of her kids have different fathers. Aretha looks good but did she get rid of her tiddays???

And people call him a fashion pioneer or at minimum fashionable enough to host a Show??!! Here she looks like an old beauty queen Indeed bcuz U know after Whitney died that's when we heard he went both ways.

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You know that feeling you get when you look in someone's casket and they look a lot different than you remember them? Phil talk as much as he likes it, which only adds fuel to his fat, bald fire. He IS the illuminati. Nude women in a car. Aretha looks lovely and so does Jennifer.

Girl, you getting as bad as MTO trolling your own site! That is all I have for today. Ashley dulaney nude But that Kanye collection dress does not. Jennifer looks great and has kept that weight off, hence the hateful comments about her, SMFH! That's some creepy ish, like how can you just move along like that. Jennifer hudson topless. The sad thing is Her brother brought the drugs but he didn't keep her on 'em. Hip hop power bottom. She's an "under the radar" star, she's still working and performing.

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